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9622 Hill Drive, Lavington

Presented at $5,000,000

Presented at $5,000,000

Status: Sold


Near Vernon, B.C., the former glass plant. 91.7 acres zoned general industrial on three titles, subdivision potential. The building is approximately ten acres in size including all levels with ceiling heights of twenty three to twenty nine feet clear in many areas. Some areas have lower ceiling height. The building is adaptable to numerous uses. The warehouse itself is approximately 6.3 acres with six covered loading bays. There is huge power and natural gas service, a railway spur and lots of water.

Property Features

Lavington Glass Plant

Site Data

91.74 acres or approximately 3,993,145 square feet zoned I.2 General Industrial (zoning attached)

Approximately 1.169 feet along Springfield Road, 1.901 feet along Park Land Road and 2,400 feet along Learmouth Road

Services are as follows: Two sources of water, natural gas, and telephone. Two 25K Volt hydro services. On-site septic system. The disposal field is at the southwest corner of the property at Park Lane Road and Learmouth Road while the septic tanks are located directly south of the factory. Water is supplied to the main building from a line 10″ line to Park Lane Road. Storm drainage is surface drainage and holding lagoon.

The site has access from recently resurfaced (2008) Hill Drive which has been extended through the northern half of the subject site to the plant. Hill Drive provides access to Highway 6.

Railway Spur
There is a railway spur with a siding leading to a Canadian National Railway line.
The railway spur enters the site near the northwest corner and the contractual obligations are current.

Easements and Restrictive Covenants
The lands are encumbered by BC Hydro utility easement. This limited interest is estimated to have minimal effect on the estimated market value of the site.

Soil Conditions
All of the environmental remediation has been completed and applications have been made to the ministry of environment to have the file closed. Phase 1 and 2 reports are available with a signed confidentiality agreement The existing building does not show any significant settlement.

Building Description
All building sizes approximate due to the large size of the building. Roof needs to be upgraded at the expense of the buyer, and said costs are reflected in the list price.

Gross Floor Area in sq ft
Office Building,approx. 11,296
Batch House, approx. 7,700
Factory, approx. 148,340 (59,500 main level, 42,000 basement level, 46840 mezzanine level)
Warehouse, approx. 274,560
Main Plant, approx. 441,896

Additional Bldgs, approx. 6,900
Total of all, approx. 448,796

Clear Height
Height from floor slab to “Top of Steel” (TOS) is approximately 27 to 38 feet.
Specific areas as follows:
Carton Loft – 17 ft
Packing Floor – 15 ft
Lehr/Factory – 29 ft
Warehouse – 23 ft 8 in
Lower Packing – 23 ft 8 in

Three truck level doors, 6 covered loading dock drive-in doors, four dock rail doors and 6 interior drive in doors as well.

Office Space
Estimated to be 2.5% of the Gross Floor Area comprising: 11,296 square feet in administrative space. Consisting of separate and open office spaces, 2 washrooms, full commercial kitchen with a cafeteria set-up eating area. Medical rooms and a doctors office are adjacent.

Construction Details

Perimeter poured concrete foundations with a 5” concrete slab floor along with 12 foot deep footing for compressors. The basement below the factory is on concrete foundation and 5” concrete slab. There are two concrete ramps up to the main factory floor from the basement.

The factory component of the subject building comprises a full basement, carton loft mezzanine and a machine repair mezzanine. This portion of the building is connected to the batch house by an overhead pedestrian passageway. There are several enclosed office areas in the different production and repair areas of the factory.

Apart from an enclosed loading area at the northeast corner and a decorating area at the southeast corner, the warehouse component is a larger open area. Adaptable to many uses.

Batch House
This poured concrete with metal clad penthouse structure has three levels. The ground floor which is used for loading, a middle floor used for mixing (which only covers about a third of the area with the silos occupying most of the batch house area) and the top penthouse floor weighing area. There are 8 silos and a underground conveyor system to transport the mixed product to the factory area. It appears that the batch plant and associated transport system in the factory is complete but buyers will have to confirm that it is functional. There is a freight elevator and stairway to the middle floor and penthouse floor. The elevation of the batch house to the penthouse floor is 143 feet and the top of the penthouse is 172.5 feet. The plant also has two concrete stacks comprising 18” of poured on place concrete. The stacks are at least 200 feet high.

Mechanical Details

The finished office space is climate controlled by roof-mounted HVAC units. Heat in the plant area is provided by ceiling-hung radiant space heaters (gas-fired). Ventilation is provided by air make-up units and exhaust fans. The furnace area and factory has specialized, purpose built air ventilation systems including a central streamline ventilator and two monitor ventilators on the roof. Generally, the air systems in the factory for the machine and furnace cooling are specialized systems for the plant. Other mechanical equipment for the office and most of the warehouse areas appear to be functional and fairly typical for this type of industrial facility.

The main two storey office area has separate washrooms for men and women. In addition, there are separate men’s and women’s locker and change rooms with washroom facilities. There are also three auxiliary washrooms in the plant. The main plant is serviced by high volume water for the North Okanagan Water Authority and potable water (low volume) from the District of Coldstream. There is no municipal sanitary sewer to the plant with sewage disposed to two underground septic tanks and a large disposal field.

Water Supply
One water utility drawing from two sources, delivered through a 10 inch water main. Vernon Irrigation Distric (Duteau Creek) supplies water for the fire suppression system. It is not currently metered. The Duteau system is being upgraded with a clarification system and reservoir and will become the primary source of water when the upgrade is complete. North Okanagan Water Authority (Antwerp Spring) provides 25 gallons per minute metered for lot C and Lot A has 400gpm currently used for the agricultural grazing land; if used for commercial purposes it needs to be metered.

Heating and Cooling
-All Vernon Irrigation District lines used for cooling and process. Water is drained.
-Coldstream lines used for washrooms/drinking fountains/sinks. Drained at hot end.
-Steam/Natural Gas radiant

-Warehouse – 347volt High Pressure Sodium
-Loading Dock – 347v Metal Halide
-Packing Room – 208v HP Sodium, 600v Flourescent, 120v Flourescent
-Basement – 120v Flourescent, Metal Halide
-Forming & Batch and Tank (west end) – 600v Mercury Vapour, 120v Flourescent
-Office – 120v Flourescent

-Dover Turnbull freight elevator, diesel back up generator 600 volt 225 amps

Back Up Power
-Diesel back up generator 600 volt 245 amps, 3 phase

Hydro System
Power is supplied to the plant form BC Hydro through two 25,000 V overhead lines, entering the plant from Park Lane Road to the south end (rear) of the subject property where the plant’s substation is located. Lumby feed is 6.2 MVA and the Vernon feed is 6.9 MVA. Transmission upgrade possible to 138 KV. There is a small 6,000 kilowatt unit emergency power generator for the furnace.

Gas Supply
-Gas is supplied via an 8 inch BC Gas transmission line at 25 PSI.
-One propane fork-lift filling station.
-One backup to Natural Gas, Propane system with c/w vaporizer.

Fire Suppression
4 separate water lines run throughout the building providing adequate (per fire protection code) fire protection for the entire facility. Serviced from a 10 inch main from Vernon Irrigation District that is not currently metered (175 PSI). This 10 inch runs around most of the exterior of the building has numerous control valves should any section become compromised. Also a 6 inch process line from VID (175 PSI). Coldstream provides a 4 inch domestic line (50 PSI). There are 7 fire hydrants with adequate pressure. Irrigation only is drawn from the lagoon.

Other Site Improvements

Parking Lot
A packed gravel employee parking lot is located north of the plant and is accessed from the main road to the plant. There is a paved truck loading and visitor parking are adjacent to the plant at the north side of the factory and east of the warehouse and office. The parking areas are in fair condition. There is a paved driveway along the north side of the warehouse and gravel driveways on the West and South side of the warehouse and factory.
-200 stalls

Additional buildings on the site include an open metal clad, steel frame loading shed adjacent to the batch house, a metal clad, frame recycling shed (shown as benefaction plant building on site plan) and a small frame guard house with manned security at the main gate. A 6′ chain link fence with barbed wire encloses the entire plant area.

Extensive environmental remediation has been done and Phase I and II reports are now complete. Golder and Associates is in the final stages of obtaining a Certificate of Compliance.

OI may finance with 30% down-payment until such time as OI attains a Certificate of Compliance. Buyers will be responsible for all roof repairs as noted in the roof report on file.

  • Zoning
    Light and Heavy Industrial

  • Year Built

  • Lot Size
    91.74 acres

  • Taxes
    $118267 for 2015

  • Legal Description
    Three titles, available upon request