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Canadian Lakeview – Garmisch Estates Subdivision

Presented at $139,000

Presented at $139,000

Status: For Sale

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Starting at $139,000 – This fee simple subdivision is located in a area called Canadian Lakeview in the City of Vernon. Canadian Lakeview is an area of larger lots that are nicely treed, access the lake with the exclusive beach club including – Wharf, boat launch, safe swimming area, swimming dock with diving board, bathrooms, change rooms, and picnic tables. RV parking permitted on the lots. Enter listings for Virtual Tour of Garmisch Estates

Property Features

All services in Canadian Lakeview are underground. Residents of Canadian Lakeview have the right to use the beach club and boat launch managed by the residents via the Lakeside Estates community association. There is a voluntary fee of $100.00 per year.

Access to the community beach club with boat launch with launch wharf, large swimming wharf, picnic tables, mens and ladies change rooms, washrooms, buoy boat moorage available, and swimming area with diving dock. Great way to get on the lake! See beach club photos for more detail. There is also a community park that is maintained by the City of Vernon. In the proposed City Budget of 2018, there is a projected allotment for this park in the amount of $3,000. In addition, one of the tennis courts has been improved to a small degree, while the other tennis court currently has a pickleball set up. 3 picnic tables have been put in this summer.

The phase 12 lots range from 85ft to 122ft in width, much wider then standard city lots. The area is very quiet and is adjacent to open space to the North.

No building commitments or time frame and there is no building scheme.

There is a 6m height restriction on the low side lots measured from the center line of the road to retain the lakeview for the high side lots.


  • 16 Garmisch – Lot 2 – $139,000 – 90.53 ft of frontage
  • 19 Garmisch – Lot 5 – $149,000 – 90.20 ft of frontage – SOLD
  • 31 Garmisch – Lot 15 – $155,000 – 91.45 ft of frontage
  • 36 Garmisch – Lot 7 – $225,000 – 91.1 ft of frontage
  • 40 Garmisch – Lot 8 – $225,000 – 90.57 ft of frontage

Zoning Information

9.2 R1 : Estate Lot Residential 9.2.1 Purpose The purpose is to provide a zone for single detached housing, and compatible uses, on larger urban serviced lots.

Primary Uses

  • single detached housing -care centre, major (requires a Secondary Use Development Permit)

9.2.3 Secondary Uses

(the following uses are subject to Secondary Use Development Permit approval prior to undertaking any development or change in use) Bylaw No. 4884 -boarding rooms -bed and breakfast homes -care centres, minor -home based businesses, minor -home based businesses, major -secondary suites -seniors supportive housing

9.2.4 Subdivision Regulations

– Minimum lot width is 24.0m. – Minimum lot area is 740m2, or 10,000m2 if not serviced by a community sewer system.

9.2.5 Development Regulations

– Maximum site coverage is 40% and together with driveways, parking areas and impermeable surfaces shall not exceed 50%. – Maximum height is the lesser of 10.0m or 2.5 storeys, except it is 4.5m for secondary buildings and secondary structures. – Minimum front yard is 7.5m. – Minimum side yard is 2.5m, except it is 7.5m from a flanking street. Where there is no direct vehicular access to the rear yard or to an attached garage or carport, one side yard shall be at least 3.0m. – Minimum rear yard is 7.5m, except it is 1.0m for secondary buildings. Where the lot width exceeds the lot depth, the minimum rear yard is 4.5m provided that one side yard shall have a minimum width of 4.5m. – The maximum height of any vertical wall element facing a front, flanking or rear yard (including walkout basements) is the lesser of 6.5m or 1.5 storeys, above which the building must be set back at least 1.2m.

9.2.6 Other Regulations

– There shall be no more than one single detached house per lot. – Where development has access to a rear lane, vehicular access to the development is only permitted from the rear lane. – For seniors supportive housing, a safe drop-off area for patrons shall be provided on the site.

– In addition to the regulations listed above, other regulations may apply. These include the general development regulations of Section 4 (secondary development, yards, projections into yards, lighting, agricultural setbacks, etc.); the specific use regulations of Section 5; the landscaping and fencing provisions of Section 6; and, the parking and loading regulations of Section 7. – Where approved by a Secondary Use Development Permit, seniors supportive housing shall be for no more than four residents.

  • Zoning

  • Lot Size
    .19 of an acre and up

  • Services
    Private Utility

  • Taxes
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